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Oil with palette knife on gallery wrapped canvas
60"h x 48"w x 1.5"d
Painting wraps around the sides.


A new painting from my What Remains Series. This series was inspired by coming upon a space in Raton, New Mexico where an old two building that  had partially burned and taken down between two other old buildings which appeared to be around 100 years old.  The buildings walls had been co-joined and what was left exposed were bricks with 100 years worth of layers of paint, wiring exposed, so many textures and colors left standing that I was enthralled.  I spent many hours taking photographs and have painted many scenes from these old walls.  Subesquent trips to the area show that the space has been totally cleared out and painted.  I feel myself so have happened upon it as just the right moment in time.  I use heavy textures to capture the layered walls and mark making to represent the many things that migh have gone on between these old walls.


- Maxine Price -

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