Maxine Price Home

DAVE & JUDY TIFFIN . Austin, Texas

Oil with palette knife on canvas, framed
52" h x 27"w

"We visited several galleries in search of artwork to complement our recently remodeled home in Austin.  No matter the subject or style we found ourselves consistently attracted to paintings by Maxine Price, particularly her "Jazz" series.  We are no art buffs, but something just resonated for us with Max's paintings.

We were excited to make arrangements and see how a few of her paintings looked in our house. It was clear from this first visit that we wanted to commission Max to paint the centerpiece for our living area.  "The Dance" is the result and we are thrilled.  Max was clearly inspired.  The painting exceeds expectations in every way.  The painting moves, matches and complements our living room in a way that goes far beyond our expectations.  Max created a painting that looks like our room was built around it.

The experience of working with Max however went well beyond the wonderful physical attributes of our painting and how well it fits us and our home. What we learned is that Max does not just paint with her eyes, her hands and her head....she paints with her heart--and I suspect that is as rare in art as it is in other fields."

Dave and Judy Tiffin. Austin,Texas 

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