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Oil with palette knife on canvas
Framed in silver leaf floater frame
36" x 36"


This prodominately cobalt blue Jazz Series painting shows the distinctive strokes I employ for this series. I use a lot of underpainting of many different colors and then drag my palette knife, loaded with more color, over the top using varying degrees of pressure and movement.  As I dance my palette knife down the surface I pick up underlayers thus creating new colors as I go along.  I paint to music and although I call this my Jazz Series I also paint to "The Blues" and rock and roll or what ever music gets my juices flowing.  On this paticular piece I listened mostly to Brandi Carlile, a new favorite of mine. I particularyly enjoy her " Live At Benaroya Hall" album. If you happen to peek into the studio while a Jazz painting is being paited you might see my feet dancing along with my palette knife.

- Maxine Price -

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